Gale : China From Empire To Republic

按此登陸Gale: China From Empire to Republic: Missionary, Sinology and Literary Periodicals(1817-1949)


This database includes collection of 17 English-language periodicals published in or about China during a period of over 130 years, extending from 1817 until the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. These periodicals illuminate the thoughts of Chinese intellectuals and Westerners, mainly missionaries, about China. It also features a significant collection of articles and photos on the founding and development of Christian higher education in China. Featured titles include most famous missionary periodicals published in China before 1949 such as The Chinese Recorder (教務雜誌, 1867–1941), The West China Missionary News (華西教會新聞, 1899–1943), The China Mission / Christian Year Book (中國基督教年鑑, 1910–1939). Other academic and literary journals include the Bulletin of the Catholic University of Peking (輔仁英文學志, 1926–1934), the Yenching Journal of Social Studies (燕京社會學界, 1938–1950), etc. The articles in these journals provide a significant source for understanding missionary activities in China.



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